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Oct 12: Tom Araya about next album: 'It sounds real fucking heavy'
Jul 29: Slayer add 2nd Oakland date to Suicidal, Exodus tour
Jul 9: Slayer to play 'Getaway Rock Festival' in Sweden
Jun 23: Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies and Exodus announce Tour
Jun 19: Slayer to play at 'Voodoo Festival' in New Orleans
Jun 19: 'Seerock Festival' in Austria to be headlined by Slayer
Jun 11: Slayer cancel show at Italy's 'Rock im Ring' festival
Jun 6: Happy birthday - Tom Araya turns 53 today
Jun 6: Today is the ninth 'International Day of Slayer'
Jun 3: Happy birthday - Kerry King turns 50 today
Jun 2: Slayer to headline show in Tilburg, Netherlands
May 28: Slayer to headline show in Malmö, Sweden
May 21: 'Reign in Blood' to be performed in its entirety at 'Riotfest' shows
May 14: Slayer confirmed for 'Riot Fest' in Chicago
May 12: Video footage and photos of recent tour available
May 10: Slayer kick-off US mini tour with oldschool set
May 2: In memoriam: first anniversary of Jeff Hanneman's death
May 1: Slayer signs worldwide record deal with Nuclear Blast Records
Apr 30: Slayer confirmed for germanys 'Wacken Open Air'
Apr 27: Dave Lombardo performing with 'Bladerunner' project
Apr 27: New shows in Ireland and Czech Republic announced
Apr 24: Slayer open 'Golden Gods 2014 Awards' with surprise set
Apr 24: New Slayer song 'Implode' available for download
Apr 22: More european tour dates added
Apr 22: Tour dates in Ireland and Russia announced
Mar 31: Dave Lombardo doesn't think he will play for Slayer again
Mar 29: New shows in Luxembourg, Italy and Poland announced
Mar 25: Club shows in Italy together with Anthrax confirmed
Mar 25: Slayer confirmed for 'Rock USA Music Festival' in Oshkosh
Mar 12: Dave Lombardo says he tried keeping Slayer together
Mar 6: 'Heavy Montreal' Festival to feature Slayer in August
Feb 27: Slayer to play headline show in Paris, France
Feb 21: Slayer to play at 'Nova Rock Festival' in Austria
Feb 7: Traffic roundabout in Poland named after Jeff Hanneman
Feb 5: 'Hellfest' Open Air in France to feature Slayer
Feb 3: Festivals in Norway and Belgium confirm Slayer
Jan 31: In memoriam: Jeff Hanneman would have turned 50 today
Jan 21: Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies and Exodus to hit the road in the US
Jan 18: Slayer to perform at 'Rock on the Range' festival in Columbus, OH
Jan 10: 'Sonisphere Festival' UK confirms Slayer
Dec 24: Slayer confirmed for 'Fortarock' in the Netherlands
Dec 15: Tom Araya on Jeff Hanneman: 'I lost a good friend'
Dec 13: Slayer's manager sets record straight on Rick Rubin and record deal
Dec 12: Slayer christmas light show dedicated to Jeff Hanneman
Dec 12: Slayer to play germany's 'Rock am Ring' and 'Rock im Park'
Dec 4: More european tour dates with Metallica confirmed
Dec 3: Tom Araya interviewed by 'Kids Interview Bands'
Dec 2: Slayer confirmed for Sonisphere germany 2014 with Metallica
Dec 2: You're not dreaming, Slayerized.com is back online
Sep 18: Hollywood Palladium show sells out, second date added
Sep 12: More dates added to north american headlining tour
Sep 4: Slayer announce north american headlining tour
Aug 5: Slayer to headline shows in New York and Hollywood
Aug 3: Slayer pulls out of Belgium's 'Pukkelpop Festival'
Jul 20: Slayer confirmed for Texas 'Fun Fun Fun Fest' in November
Jul 6: 'Hannemania' tribute show to be held next Saturday in Oakland
Jul 6: Slayer performs song with Phil Anselmo earlier this week
Jun 26: Tom Araya: 'Jeff was working on new music before he died'
Jun 23: Kerry King: 'I Don't Think We Should Throw In The Towel Just Because Jeff's Not Here'
Jun 19: Jeff's wife couldn't get him to go to rehab or therapy after spider bite
Jun 18: Swiss Slayer show confirmed for early August
Jun 6: 'International Day of Slayer' - video message from Kerry King
Jun 6: Happy birthday - Tom Araya turns 52 today
Jun 6: Today is the eighth 'International Day of Slayer'
Jun 5: Slayer play first show after Jeff Hannemans death
Jun 3: Happy birthday - Kerry King turns 49 today
May 31: Paul Bostaph rejoins Slayer permanently
May 26: Jeff Hanneman shirt collection launched
May 24: Jeff Hanneman memorial celebration in recap
May 16: Details for Jeff Hanneman memorial celebration announced
May 10: Jeff Hanneman's official cause of death revealed
May 9: European tour to go ahead despite Jeff Hannemans passing
May 9: Dave Lombardo: 'Jeff Hanneman helped shape my drumming style'
May 7: Alex Skolnick of Testament pays tribute to Jeff Hanneman
May 7: Dave Lombardo interviewed one day before Jeff Hannemans passing
May 7: Metallica, Megadeth, Testament, Anthrax, Pantera remember Jeff Hanneman
May 6: Jeff Hanneman was on liver transplant list before his death
May 6: Los Angeles Kings hockey team honors Jeff Hanneman
May 5: Charlie Benante of Anthrax pays tribute to Jeff Hanneman
May 4: More people of the metal community honor Jeff Hanneman
May 3: Kerry King leads 'Moment of Noise' in honor of Jeff Hanneman
May 3: Gary Holt: 'It's Been An Honor To Try My Best To Honor Your Songs Best I Could'
May 3: Rob Flynn of Machine Head remembers Jeff Hanneman
May 3: Jeff Hanneman dies at age 49

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