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That Tom Araya once said in an interview: "I remember that me and Jeff were in a TV interview with one of that old women of the PMRC in a show or something like that, and she said 'I thought you were obnoxious but you aren't, you are calm and nice'. Then Jeff caught her arm and shouted 'WHAT DO YOU MEAN!?' and she almost fell off her seat. All people around us started murmuring... but when she saw the funny side of the thing, it was ok. But I assure you it was really funny."
That when Slayer started in the early 80's there were two other bands also named "Slayer". One was the infamous "S.A. Slayer" from San Antonio, TX who released two albums: "Prepare To Die" (1983 - cover art) and "Go For The Throat" (1988 - cover art). The other "Slayer" came from Arizona and released an album called "Dangerous Appetite" (1982 - cover art).
That on the "South Park" episode "Die Hippie, Die" (Season 9, Episode 2) South Park is consumed by hippies. Eric Cartman comes up with the idea to play Slayer really loud to scare them away. While holding a Slayer CD-R in his hands he says "Hippies can't stand death metal. If everything works, they should disperse just before they consume us all." Later "Raining Blood" is played and the hippies disappear.
That on "213" on "Live Intrusion", when Tom Araya sings the second verse of the song: "The excitement of dissection is sweet, My skin crawls with orgasmic speed, A lifeless object for my subjection" he suddenly goes back to the first verse.
That "Reign In Blood", "Undisputed Attitude", "Diabolus in Musica", "God Hates Us All" and "Christ Illusion" are the only albums with no song named after the album's name.
That "Payback" contains the shortest guitar solo of all Slayer songs, it only lasts for 10 seconds.
That the girls voice at the end of "Dead Skin Mask" saying "Mr Gein, Mr Gein" is not girl, it's the voice of a friend of Tom Araya.
That Slayer, Kreator, Destruction and W.A.S.P. all have a song entitled "Tormentor".
That the actual Wrestler of WWE CM Punk used as Entrance theme, when he was on the independent circuit in FIP (Full Impact Pro), South of Heaven from Slayer.
That In Flames, on their shows in Tokyo (and in their live album "The Tokyo Showdown") have played the intro of "Raining Blood" in the middle of one In Flames song ("Scorn"), receiving a great amount of cheers from the crowd.
That in the song "Bullet Ride", In Flames has the following lyrics: "Fragments of what you used to be", referring to the Slayer song "Skeletons of society" with the lyrics "Fragments of what used to be"
That In Flames guitarist Björn Gelotte once said "It's inhuman, it's impossible" about the Slayer album "Reign in Blood" .
That Live Undead is no real live Album, it was just a session for Show no Mercy, with a studio audience. (Unconfirmed fact!)
That the producers of the early Slayer Albums Bill Metoyer and Brian Slagel had the word Slayer in their names.
That ESP at one time offered a Kerry King Signature Series guitar.
That although endorsed by ESP, Jeff Hannemann's main stage guitar is a Jackson.
That Chris Poland, ex-Megadeth guitarist, used to do guitar repair for Slayer.
That on the Reign in Blood CD, the song Raining Blood "begins" toward the end of Postmortem, a mastering foul-up that was corrected on the 1998 re-release.
That if you play "Hell Awaits" backwards the beginning part turns into "Join Us, Join Us, Join Us, Join Us".
That if you hear the song "SS-3" with headphones you can hear Jeff Hanneman burping! After he completes his first solo pan your stereo control to the right side, and you should hear it!
That Kerry King helped out in Megadeth in 1984, he played guitar sometimes, because Megadeth didn't have a guitarist in that time.
That after the '86 Reign in Blood Tour with Tony Scaglione, they searched for a full time drummer, and they came across Nick Menza who was the drummer for Megadeth till 1999. Just before he was recognized as a member of Slayer, Dave Lombardo asked if he could join again.
That the Tablature book for Undisputed Attidude lists Gemini being tuned to D, while the song is actually played in C#.
That "Diabolus in Musica" is a medieval term for a tritone.
That Jeff almost always stands to the left to Tom Araya and Kerry to the right when they play live.
That in the Beastie Boys Video for Fight for your Right there's Rick Rubin wearing a Slayer shirt. And that Kerry plays a solo on the Beastie Boys Song No sleep till Brooklyn, he also appears in the Video Clip for this song.
That there was an instrumental song that was left off of "South Of Heaven" called "Stress" that later turned up on "Seasons In The Abyss" as "Born Of Fire". The original title was "Stress" because at the time Kerry couldn't come up with any lyrics for it.
That there was an experimental version of the song "Seasons in the Abyss" with a flute added to the music!
That the Song "Dissident Aggressor" on South of Heaven is an old Judas Priest Song, that Slayer covered.
That "Diabolus in Musica" is latin and means "The Devil in Music"!
That on the Live Decade of Aggression Album Jeff Hanneman's Guitars come out of the left speaker only and Kerry King's Guitars come out of the right side only. Cool trick for learning solo's.
That "Show no Mercy" was recorded without any cymbals on Dave's Drumkit, it was the idea of their Producer Brian Slagel, but that idea sucked.
That "Live Undead" was released from Brian Slagel/Metal Blade without asking Slayer, they knew nothing about it!
That "Araia" with "i" is a Basque surname and also the name of a town.
That the guys in Slayer bring a portable satellite-system when they go on tour. So they can watch sports 24 hours a day.
That the marching sounds on "War Ensemble" is a drum machine.
That whenever Slayer practices, they prefer to do it at night because of the dark atmosphere. They feel that the daylight gets rid of the dark mood.
That even though Slayer is a thrash/death metal band, they don't even like death metal in general because they think the music is too noisy.
That since alot of lead singers in death bands growl, Slayer calls those types of bands "Cookie Monster Bands".
That on the movie Gremlins 2, at the scene where one of the gremlins becomes the big spider-dude you can hear "Angel of Death" for about 5 seconds in the background.
That definition of SLAYER in numerological terms is: 15...THE MAGICIAN. The gift of music - Strong personal magentism - Rules the lower level of occultism.
That the first pressing of Show No Mercy was labeled side 6 and side 66.
That there's a CD copy of "Hell Awaits" where the inside of the cover is mis-printed with the "Show No Mercy" lyrics.
That on the 1995 and 1998 re-released version of Reign in Blood the tracklisting on the surface of the CD says "3. Necrophophic" instead of "3. Necrophobic".
That Dave McClain, Machine Head's drummer, was the drummer in S.A. Slayer, the other band called Slayer from San Antonio in the early 80s.
That Chris Kontos (ex-Machine Head) was asked to drum for Slayer after Paul left the band after Undisputed Attitude, but refused.
That Kerry King and Dave Lombardo were both asked by Max Cavalera to join Soulfly, but refused. However, Kerry told Max he would like to work with him on a side project or a song for an album soundtrack in the future.
That Gene Hoglan, the legendary drummer who has played in bands such as Death, Dark Angel, Testament, and now Stapping Young Lad, used to be a Slayer lights man and roadie on the Show No Mercy tour, and was asked to be Dave Lombardo's drum tech on the Haunting North America tour ('84), but knocked it back to pursue his own music career. Hoglan also does the backing vocals on "Evil Has No Boundaries", and is credited on Show No Mercy.
That during the Middle East Gulf conflict ('90-91), over 40% of Slayer's fan mail came from soldiers stationed in that area.
That the band filmed a live video, War Ensemble, at Wembley Arena, London, England (Oct. 10th 1990), they came out and told the crowd that Tom Araya was going to lip-synch the song for the video. The crowd's response was so negative, with much booing and jeering, that Slayer played it toatlly live for the video.
That on Megadeth's first album, "Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good", Slayer is thanked on the albums credits by Dave Mustaine.
That if you read only the last letter from the Diabolus in Musica Tracklisting it says: EDDY NEED MY T (US Version), EDDY NEED MY DT (Europe Version), EDDY NEED MY DTT (Japan Version), strange isn't it?
That when Tom came to Chile, he went to a beach thinking he was like a common person, but he couldn't believe it when a lot of people recognized him and he had to leave as over 200 people were trying to get to him.
That all the Slayer drummers (past and present) use Tama drums and are endorsed by them. Dave used them, John used them, and Paul uses Tama drums.
That Tom Araya has a cameo in the Suicidal Tendencies Video "Institutionalized". He walks past Mike Muir as Mike begins the second "talking part" of the song.
That besides the other Slayer, "S.A. Slayer", there was another band called Slayer in the 80s. They were from Minnesota and their drummer Mark Wanner is now in a band called "Howfarnorth".
That the song "Angel of Death" is talking about the SS officer Dr. Josef Mengele.
That Slayer apeared on an episode of 20/20 in October 1998 for an interview about music being affective towards kids . They also were used on a christian music show as an example of evil music.
That Kerry King drives a white Ford F-150 pick up.
That Kerry King makes an appearance in a, seriously drunken jam-session together with Rob Halford on Pantera's Vulgar Video.
That Public Enemy have a song called She watches Channel Zero in which a Angel of Death riff is often sampled in the background. So do Atari Teenage Riot on their 1995 Album in the song Into the Death.
That Herbert M. Clayton who is in the thank you list on several Slayer album liner notes is the name on a tombstone that Jeff and their manager Steve Craig stole from a graveyard.
That on their first trip to San Francisco (Supporting groups Savage Grace, Exodus, Laaz Rockit) the band was sued for the complete destruction of their hotel room (with the help of Exodus). Savage Grace who was doing an interview on a local station was asked what Slayer was doing at the time. They commented that they were back at their hotel room nailing pizza to the ceiling. Later Exodus credited Slayer in their first CD Bonded by Blood saying "Thanks for letting us thrash the hotel room". Slayer also credited Exodus in the Haunting the Chapel EP saying "Thanks for helping trash our hotel room! You guys are the fuckin' best".
That at one time Slayer tried to recruit John Bush from Armored Saint to replace Tom Araya on vocals.
That Randy Piper from WASP originally wanted to leave the band to become a member of Slayer.
That KMFDM uses that same Angel of Death riff throughout their song Godlike.
That the melody played towards the end of Ministry's Just One Fix bears a remarkable resemblance to the opening riff on South of Heaven.
That in Atari Teenage Riot's Album Burn! Berlin! Burn! there are 2 more Slayer samples. The Solo part of Captor of Sin is sampled in the Song Deutschland has gotta die and the 2nd intro riff of Dead Skin Mask is sampled in Destroy 2000 years of culture.
That Divine Intervention made a higher chart entry when it was released in 1994 than the Barbara Streisand Album that was released the same week!
That the Dead Kennedys also have a song called Chemical Warfare.
That on Pearl Jam's 1993 christmas single they talk about not being able to tour with Slayer, Alice in Chains did that instead of them.
That the primary vocals on Reign in Blood were written by Jeff and Kerry in Kerry's van on the way to the recording studio. In the van there were some other people like George (who roadied for Slayer in the 80s), Rocky from Suicidal Tendencies and the Drummer of D.R.I.
That Tom Araya's Jeep license plate reads ss810.
That John Araya (Tom's younger brother) and his buddies started a band called Bloodcum and made a record called Death by a Clotheshanger?. All the equipment they used on that record was Jeff and Kerry's Guitar stuff and Tom's Bass equipment. And the lead singers name was Joey Hanneman, Jeff's Brother which wasn't really Jeff's brother (?), he looked so much like Jeff that fans mistaked him for Jeff, even while he was 10 feet away. They used to practice before Slayer and partied after that at Tom's house, they called their practice garage The Club Horizon. Thanks to George for the info!
That after Live Undead was released, the punk band The Undead (ex-Misfits guitarist Bobby Steele's band) released an live album called Live Slayer.
That Undisputed Attitude was originally intended to be a metal covers album, covering bands like Judas Priest and Black Sabbath. But they didn't, because they were afraid it would still sound too 70's, and not their style. So they went for punk.
That on the Utah Saints self-titled 1992 CD, the opening riff of War Ensemble is sampled in the track I Want You.
That Gene Hoglan held Dave Lombardo's bass drums in place in the studio while Dave recorded Chemical Warfare for the Haunting the Chapel EP.
That Kerry King makes a short guest appearance on Pantera's Cowboys from Hell video. The appearance was subtitled Dr. Evil, Kerry King Reigns in Blood.
That in the mid 1980's, Kerry King was part of an MTV bumper promo. It was shown at the beginning of any given hour where you see a wide shot of a large gong and as the camera pushes in, Kerry walks up to it and hits it with his Red B.C.Rich.
That on the Type O Negative video, Tom makes a cameo. He is asked by one of Type O Negative if he has seen Kenny from Type O Negative, and Tom just starts laughing. he is also thanked in the credits of the video.
That on some of the first vinyl versions of Show no Mercy there was Aggressive Perfector as a bonus track, but on the cover it was misprinted and said "Includes Bonustrack: Aggressive Protector".
That Kerry King took guitar lessons before the recording of Seasons in the Abyss.
That on the beginning of Ghosts of War Slayer played the ending part of Chemical Warfare.
That in 1994 Kerry King used to be a neighbor of Rob Halford in Arizona.
That on the Hell Awaits album you can hear what sounds to be a kid yell during the intro to Necrophiliac.
That on "Corpus Christi" a Slayer live bootleg recorded in Texas City 1986; Tom Araya, had this to say about "Necophiliac":
"This next song is about a little lady that I love so well. She lives six feet underground, any cemetary will do!" (pause and crowd cheers) Araya continues, "The one thing I like about these little ladies is that everytime you stroke thier flesh...it just sorta...peeeeeels OFF! But the hilight of the eveing with one of these little bitches is...is evertime I fucking eat her out I can hear the maggots crunching in my teeth!!!" (more crowd cheers) "So you guys a bunch of sickos???" (crowd replys yes) "This ones for you assholes, its called, NECRO-PHILIAC!".
That Dave Mustaine, didn't want Slayer on the 1998 OzzFest tour because Dave thought that Slayer was too heavy.
That Kerry King shaved his head because he was going bald.
That Kerry King's ESP guitar was the most expensive production guitar in the ESP line.
That Kerry King has 5 of every stone cold Steve Austin T-Shirt made.
That before every gig Slayer has there roadies go to a nearby gas station to buy soda and munchies.
That King and Hanneman bring 12 marshall cabinets a piece to a gig.
That on "South of Heaven" Kerry King didn't write ANY songs by himself. Jeff Hanneman wrote all of them with the the exception of Kerry helping out on tracks: 2,5 and 6.
That on the cover of "Reign in Blood" that the dude with the pointy hat carrying the throne thing looks a hell of a lot like Prince Charles. And he's pulling off some cheesey grin.
That S.L.A.Y.E.R. stands for Satan Laughs As You Eternally Rot, look at the original pressing of Show No Mercy from Metal Blade Records - the one with the 6 and 66 sides. Anyway, look VERY CAREFULLY on the surface of the album, on the "blank space" between where the tracks end and the label at the center begins. Usually there's just some record company junk in there. But on Show No Mercy, it is incribed right on the album S.L.A.Y.E.R. on one side and, yes, Satan Laughs As You Eternally Rot on the other. Look careful at a good original album. (Thanks to Gentleman Greg).
That on the movie KILLER: Journal of a Murder appear some photos from Divine Intervention.
That Jeff Hanneman has two dogs, one is named Prussia and the other is Rommel. He also collects model tanks.
That the first part of the solo of "The Antichrist" isn't even in the key of the song.
That, in the Gulf War, music from Slayer was used to frighten Irak troops. The US Army played some songs from the band in big speakers at very high volume, as the Vietcong did in Vietnam War. (Unconfirmed fact!)
That on the tribute album Straight to Hell: A Tribute to Slayer there's a track listed as "Peace by Peace" instead of "Piece by Piece".
That when Slayer and Pantera played the same festivals in Finland'98, in the middle of their set, Pantera called Slayer guys on the stage, and Phil Anselmo sang the vocals of Hell Awaits to the end of the chorus.
That Dave Lombardo plays drums on the new Vivaldi album (a classical album, no metal here).
That a part of Altar of Sacrifice reminds a lot of one part of Evil has no Boundaries in the same way of singing and sounding:
"Blasting our way through the boundaries of Hell, no one can stop us tonight, we take on the world with hatred inside, mayhem the reason we fight..." and "Waiting the hour destined to die, here on the table of hell, a figure in white unknown by man, approaching the altar of death...".
That there's an album by Matthew Sweet entitled Girlfriend that features a song with the name Divine Intervention!
That Dave Mustaine said (in issue October 1999 of Guitar): "Slayer are nice guys" and in Guitar World December 1999: "Slayer is one of the best live bands that you can possibly see."
That Slayer flew to Egypt/North Africa during the Gulf War to shoot the video for Seasons in the Abyss between the Pyramids. And while they were there they even played a concert there!
That a concert that was held in Puerto Rico seems to have been (co) sponsored by Domino's Pizzas!?
That on S.O.D.'s "Live At The Budokkan", in the middle of the song 'Speak English or Die", they guys played the intro of "Raining Blood".
That the vocals tracks on "Temptation" were unintentionally done that way (Tom sung the song the way he tought it fit, but then Kerry told him he wanted the song to be sung in another way and a second vocal track was recorded WITHOUT erasing the original. Then the producer played both tracks at the same time and he liked it and so both were used on the album - not sure which was the original) (taken from the 1990 issue of Metal Maniacs featuring Slayer and Megadeth talking about their then new LPs ('Seasons in The Abyss' and 'Rust In Peace').
That the only album with Jeff Hanneman's guitar coming out of the right speaker is Divine Intervention.
That ESP makes a Jeff Hanneman signituare guitar except it's all black with no Raiders stickers or skulls - what a ripoff.
That Kerry King lives in Anaheim Hills, California.
That in the Megadeth video for Peace sells...but who's buying?, there's a kid sitting in front of a TV wearing a Slayer shirt.
That the songs: "Piece by piece", "Postmortem", "Sex, Murder, Art", "Can't stand you" and "Scarstruck" are the only Slayer songs without guitar solo's/leads in them.
That on Decade of Aggression, when Tom sings War Ensemble, he sings the last verse in place of the first verse.
That Dave Mustaine and David Ellefson of Megadeth are thanked on the inner sleeve of the Haunting the Chapel EP.
That though not played in regualar rotation, the video for Serenity in Murder made it's way onto an episode of Beavis and Butt-Head. The title was edited and only said Serenity.
That the bootleg Fuck the Slayer was the very first Slayer bootleg ever made!
That Paul Bostaph's girlfriend was obviously the porno star Jasmine St. Clair.
That Paul Crook who has been performing with Anthrax on lead guitar since 1995 was a guitar tech for Kerry King early in his career. He is also the guy who holds a lighter to his ass and blows a fart in Slayer's Live Intrusion homevideo.
That a guy named Kerri Jones wrote the song Here comes the pain that can be found on the WCW Mayhem album.
That on the 1998 re-release of South of Heaven there's a printing mistake saying "Produced by Jack Rubin and Slayer". And I guess everybody knows that this name should be Rick Rubin!
That the TV Show WCW Thunder uses Slayer's Here comes the pain as the show's theme music.
That the song "Sex, Murder, Art" from Divine Intervention was originally entitled "Blood Cum", a title which was dropped for obvious reasons.
That Canadian pop star Bryan Adams is a Slayer fan, and heralds Reign In Blood as one of his favorite albums!
That Kerrang! magazine's review of Reign In Blood declared it to be "a better album than Master of Puppets".
That on Ebay, the online auction service, an original, unworn "Reign In Blood" tour shirt recently sold for over $140.00.
That at the Donington Festival in 1995, Metallica played a part of Slayer's Black Magic. They played a riff of every band who were on the bill.
That Tom Araya is left handed.
That in the early days of Slayer, Tom never used to eat anything for hours before a gig, as he got so nervous he'd throw up! To this day he still gets nervous before a show.
That Slayer opened their set with Chemical Warfare for the first time ever at the Donington Monsters of Rock Festival 1995 in the UK.
That at Slayer's UK debut gig at the London Marquee in June 1985, the fans in the front kept on spitting at Slayer. This annoyed the band so much they threatened to quit if they didn't stop spitting. What they didn't know back then was that this was the fans way of showing their appreciation!
That Dave Lombardo had short hair when he rejoined the band in 1987.
That Kerry King's lyrics, that he writes himself, perfectly rhyme (unlike Jeff and Tom's lyrics).
That on the Live Intrusion video, Tom is singing Squeeze me Macaroni by Mr. Bungle while he was on his way to an in-store signing at Tower Records.
That in the late 90s, Kerry King was negotiating in some way with the WWF. Although it's never been said exactly what was going on, it's believed that he either wanted Slayer to appear on a WWF show, that he wanted to accompany Steve Austin to the ring at an event, or possibly become a wrestler himself.
That former ECW tag team the Eliminators (Perry Saturn and John Kronus) used a logo with the same text as some Slayer merchandise (such as the War Ensemble poster) because they were huge fans of the band.
That Blood Red was written about the Tinnamen Square incident (1990), just as One man stands by Anthrax also was.
That the video game Doom featured a Slayer song on Episode 3, Map 3 which was entitled Pandemonium but was actually Behind the crooked cross from South of Heaven.
That on War Ensemble, if you listen with headphones at around 46 - 55 seconds into the track, you can hear a sound which sounds like Jeff saying "Is that good?".
That the word "Hanneman" is old dutch for "Sweet Apples".
That there is a true crime book called In The Name Of Satan about a group of 4 young boys who sacrificed a young girl, and the author is continously mentioning Slayer as being their favorite band and influencing them in the murder.
That there's Satan Laughs As You Eternally Rot written down in the calendar inside the booklet of Divine Intervention pointing to December 25th.
That Paul Bostaph's ex-girlfriend Jasmine St. Claire (the pornstar) is now in ECW Wrestling with the Blue Boy.
That the finnish cello quartet Apocalyptica play a version of South of Heaven using only cellos!
That the Final Command picture disc bootleg was one of the highest-sought vinyls ever, sometimes fetching over $200?
That in 1992, US troops preparing to hit Bosnia would fly Jolly Roger (pirate) flags from their vehicles and blare Seasons in the Abyss as an audible warning to anybody considering a fire-fight?
That Kerry King did an appearance in a wrestling video called XPW: Baptized in Blood. He does the ring announcing for "Supreme & John Kronus". The guy introducing Kerry introduces him as "the lead singer of Slayer". But Kerry quickly corrected him.
That there was a cassette and a 12" picture disc version of Live Undead that only contained 3 live songs and 3 studio songs, namely "The Final Command", "Captor of Sin" and "Haunting the Chapel".
That on the computer game Doom 2: Hell on Earth, Map #19 has the same drum parts as the Slayer song - South of Heaven. If you listen to the drums on that map and the drumming from 39-54 seconds on "South of Heaven", you will find that they are identical.
That on the PlayStation 2 snowboarding commercial the song No Remorse (I wanna die) is played which Slayer did together with the band Atari Teenage Riot.
That in a commercial on Cartoon Network in Denmark the solo of Angel of Death is played while the "Action Cartoons" are being advertised.
That in the very rare Testament Video Seen Between The Lines, Kerry King makes a very brief cameo during a montage where various Testament members give the middle finger to the camera. Kerry is standing there while Greg Christian (bassist for Testament at the time) says: "Look there's Kerry King and then flicks off the camera."
That along the lines of scaring Iraqi troops and playing loud music to scare people, back in '94, when the Branch Davidians were assaulted by the FBI, during the siege beforehand they played loud music, including "Behind the Crooked Cross."
That the lyrics inside the booklet of Reign in Blood for Piece by Piece are incomplete.
That in the original version of the Hell Awaits album, as well as in the 1988 CD version by Music For Nations, there is a printing mistake in the lyrics for "Necrophiliac". It says "Souls of te dead" instead of "Souls of THE dead".
That there's a polish edition of Show no Mercy released by Metal Mind Records with a mis-printed title on the surface of the cassette. It says "Slayer - Show the mercy".
That on the 1998 world tour when Slayer played in Katowice (Poland), Tom was given a national soccer team shirt with his name on the back and number 666.
That in the Seasons in the Abyss booklet, the verses 2 and 3 for the song Seasons in the Abyss are reversed. So after the "Razors Edge..." verse it goes right into the last verse "Intert flesh...".
That Rick Rubin (Slayer's producer) is jewish.
That in the late 80's/early 90's Slayer was banned from performing in New York, so when they wanted to play in the city that never sleeps they played under the name Angel of Death.
That besides you hear "Join us" (which you already know) when you play the beginning of Hell Awaits backwards, you also hear the word "andersom" which is the Dutch word for "the other way around" or just "backwards".
That there's a section of lyrics missing in the second half of the song "Payback" in the CD booklet of God hates us all.
That in the game "Grand Theft Auto - Vice City" when you're driving you can hear the song Raining Blood in one of the radio stations.
That 'Divine Intervention' is the only song that is written by all the band (Hanneman/King/Araya/Bostaph)
That Tom Araya's wife is jewish and he gave 10,000$ to an american organization against the holocaust deniers.