Unreleased Songs
Before Slayer were getting really popular in the US, they played alot of club shows. One of those shows took place at "The Woodstock" in Anaheim, CA on March 28th 1983. This is where several bootlegs came from introducing unreleased songs. This page takes a closer look on those songs and the chance to watch Slayer peform them!

The last song on this page "High Priestess" was also played live at "The Woodstock" in Anaheim, CA but on August 12th 1983.

Simple Aggression

Blitzkrieg (The Final Command)

"Blitzkrieg" was the working title for the later "The Final Command" which appeared on "Show no Mercy".

Ice Titan

This song was later released on the "Soundtrack to the Apocalypse" boxset.


Night Rider

High Priestess