Slayer Books

The Bloody Reign Of Slayer
Written by: Joel McIver

"Joel McIver's expert biography traces the band's development, album by album, as well as exploring the headline-grabbing moments over Slayer's long and tumultuous career which have become an inseparable part of the cult which surrounds and defines them."

Reign In Blood
Written by: D.X. Ferris

"Reign In Blood is notable for its brutality, but as the defining manifesto of thrash metal, it is transcendent for its purity. To love rock & roll is to love subcultures, and D.X. Ferris has explained, in stunning detail, how one subculture was defined and galvanized by that single album, and why that definition will never need to be written again."

Slayer - Show No Mercy
Written by: Jarek Szubrycht

Available in german and polish language. Author Jarek Szubrycht gives a detailed look on Slayer's history featuring many interesting facts.