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Tom Araya on Jeff Hanneman: 'I lost a good friend'
Sunday, December 15th 2013
Fuse recently conducted an interview with Tom Araya, Kerry King and Paul Bostaph prior to the band's show on November 27th at The Theater at MSG in New York City.

On returning to the road so soon after Jeff Hanneman's passing:

Tom: "Three weeks after Jeff passed, we were out on the road. It's all about... You've got contractual obligations, so you can't really just... you can't really drop the ball.

"We've been at this for a fucking long time; 33 years is a long time to be doing what we do. It's not something you really think about. 30 years later you just find yourself sitting here talking to you, thinking time sure flies."

Kerry: "[People say] 'It's not Slayer without Jeff.' 'It's not Slayer without [drummer] Dave [Lombardo].' If you shut your eyes and went out there and listened, you wouldn't know the difference. And that's as good as I can present Slayer; it sounds just the same. You don't notice who's not there if you're not watching. And I think that's as good as you can do it, really. It's not work to do Slayer; it's work being good enough."

Check out the full interview: